A Dr. told me once, “Your Body Can Heal Itself if its Given the Right Tools”. Each of the Juuva products contains natural ingredients to increase and protect your body’s overall health. These innovative products bring you better strength inside and out. They are the top in their category because of the particular ingredients.

But who is Juuva: Juuva is debt free, financially sound, post risk, and just entering momentum. Juuva’s products are very innovative, very demonstrable, and can be used by anyone. Juuva’s products are backed with clinical studies and the benefits include: anti-aging, energy, immune function, protection against environmental risks and much more.

Juuva’s goal is to become top-10 company in every market they enter around the world. “Their mission is to transform each life by providing an exceptional business opportunity founded upon innovative products that physically and financially have the power to drastically alter the course of your life forever.”

What sets Juuva aside from all other network marketing companies? Juuva has amazing leadership and network marketing experience with founders Grant Pace and Frankie Kiow. It is a business that gives anyone who wants a way to develop a better personal and business skills, self-confidence, and many meaningful relationships right from their very own homes.

Discover your own inner health and wellness. Therefore, each product has its own story.


Water that makes a difference to your body

You may have heard the health claims about alkaline water. But what exactly that means… I take it like my pool, if I want to have my water safe from bacteria, I check the pH every week. I don’t want my pH to be lower than 7, if it is I need to add chemical to get my pH to it level. Our body is composed of 70 to 80% of water, and if my body’s pH is at an acidic level what will happen, our body is sensitive to health issues. This my opinion.

What is the difference between in having a body that is acid and what difference using alkaline water can change your health. Alkaline bodies boost the metabolism, Alkaline bodies reduces inflammation, Alkaline bodies allows you to absorb nutriments and Alkaline bodies blocks aging free radical damage. Having a body that is acidic, is where bacteria, virus and more can develop.

It’s not what you digest, it’s what you absorb.”
Healing from the inside out.

Juuva has products at a low cost to transform our water and be in better health.

Pain relief and protection

In our modern life, the air quality is deteriorating with decreasing negative ions and increasing positive ions. This is due to various sources such has air pollution, fumes from vehicles, electromagnetic waves/radiation from the broad usage of electronic equipment such as mobile phones, computers etc.
We experience physical discomfort and chronic diseases, such as anxiety, insomnia, headaches, allergies, fatigue and much more due to many positive ions in the air. Therefore, we need balance our body so it can get the right tool to heal itself. If we can reduce positive ions and increase negative ions in our bodies as far as possible, we can become healthier.

Juuva products such has Cation and Emitter allows you to increase the negative ions in your environment.

Health energy

The world’s most ancient and highly acclaimed Superfruits and Superfoods, each providing vitamins, minerals and nutrient-rich antioxidant properties essential to a healthy lifestyle. For centuries, these unique components have been revered for their healing powers and youthful properties that help repair, rebuild and restore optimal health and well-being through their unique holistic benefits.

Again, two products at Juuva that helps your health – Galaxie and Live.

Your first line of defense

“To date, there are no potentially pathogenic bacteria tested that this product has not killed.”

Dr. R. Leavitt, Brigham Young University

“TRUSILVR may be your most effective tool to help maintain, sustain and support your immune defenses, because it reduces the workload placed on your immune system. According to one of the foremost experts on the use of structured silver.”

Dr. Gordon Pedersen

I work in education and when it comes down to protect myself against germs, virus….Trusilvr is my solution. By using this product I protect myself against what I may contract.

When you search on the benefits of silver you will then understand why everyone should be on these products. Sometimes it is good to build an immunity to germs. Others, we are better off killing, so we can avoid some of our health problems. We have 4 types of germs. Silver can destroy germs within each of these 4 types; bacteria, viruses, fungi (yeast), or parasites. Because silver destroys bacteria, viruses, and yeast it helps wounds or burns heal with reduced scaring by preventing infection. Many of burned victims report a reduction in pain as silver can be applied directly to an open wound to help the healing.


As a distributor I can help you learn and how to demonstrate these products to help you become a healthier! Ask me how about the products and opportunities that Juuva has change our lives. Their is more testimonials that these products are effective and has made a great difference in a lot of lives. They are so incredible you would be blown away with the results. This company has more than good products they are there to make a difference financially to their distributors.

Juuva :

– is committed to creating cutting edge products made with the best ingredients!

– offers an awesome opportunity for you to earn additional income!

– is a fairly new company and is growing fast – worldwide!

– offers the training that you need to make this business a success!à



“At Juuva, our work each day is to foster success while improving lives. We do it simply by helping others help themselves. We empower them to grow and succeed with trust, training, and rich opportunities. Our business is to give anyone who wants it the perfect way to develop better personal and business skills, self-confidence, and many meaningful relationships right from their very own homes”.



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